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From being a pioneer in the podcasting revolution to to ad writing, voice-over artist and producer, Tom Fischer wears many hats…microphones that is…in the radio business.  He has produced award winning news stories and had breaking coverage on global stories the last several years.  Tom created the first podcast radio show in the Tri-State region of Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky – He is currenly on-air personality at 104.1 FM WIKY.

Tom advises  clients on ad buying, placement and other elements of radio campaigns as an ad writer and consultant.

Tom Fsicher follows stories across the globe.  It all began with his first international reporting experience in college when he and a group of other students were a part of the first  working news bureau that an American university had outside of the USA.

Year later, when his alma mater attempted to sell the college radio station where he got his start, Tom used his voice to launch campaign called “Save WUEV.”  This captured national attention and resulted in the station being saved.

Listen to Tom Fischer’s latest podcast interview with singer-songwriter and author John Wesley Harding below…

Interview with John Wesley Harding (MP3)